Sunday, 1 November 2015

Hooda Scores, but the Movie bores!

Main aur Charles is underwhelming

Randeep Hooda sinks his teeth into the suave character of Charles. Uber cool, elegant, always with a slight smirk and a glint in his eyes, an alluring aura to the entire magnetic package that made Charles…CHARLES! However, take away Hooda’s class act, an upbeat background score, a couple of earnest performances from the supporting cast and a few nicely orchestrated scenes…and eventually ‘Main aur Charles’ ends up as an incoherent movie in the typical ‘more style, little substance’ category. 

Pity, considering the fact that here was a character and his escapades tailor-made for the celluloid. Check out Charles Sobhraj’s Wikipedia page and it immediately stands apart as a pulp fiction tale of thrills, chills and kills. Nevertheless the movie simply scratches the surface, stretches a single jail-break episode needlessly and in the bargain…misses out the entire meatier chunk of the sensational life and times of the once ‘Bikini Killer’. Hooda’s brilliant portrayal stays with you…and one simply hopes that he (Charles) lives again and perhaps establishes himself with a franchise on ‘The Chronicles of Charles’. ‘Main aur Charles’…overcooked, but still half-baked…deserves another chance, another recipe, another story, another day. But of course, the same Hooda! 

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