Sunday, 25 October 2015

The Bestseller She Wrote Disappoints

The Bestseller She Wrote Disappoints

Ravi Subramanian’s latest #TheBestsellerSheWrote has its moments. However, at on overall level it’s a tame attempt to break his set template and perhaps one of his weakest books. Yes, though it does pack in a couple of highly charged, tear-inducing emotional moments, the final piece ends up as a pretty shallow story with a dampener of a climax (you are compelled to think “Ok, that’s it! Really? Nothing more?”) 

There are no real flashes of stunning thrills or whooa! moments, the unexpected twists are pretty expected, the characters mostly superficial, the story not as masterfully layered as all his previous ones. The sex quotient is raised up considerably, but (as it’s stated in the book itself) it’s pretty ‘thanda’ without much impact. Ravi makes a brave attempt to move into the Chetan Bhagat territory (high on mush and melodrama), but in the bargain misses that classic Ravi Subramanian stamp that made all his previous works so compelling. To sum it up, Ravi’s first fictional book without the ‘Bank’ or 'God' in its title is not a bankable read. The bestseller she wrote disappoints.

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