Saturday, 25 August 2012

This Joker is a Joke!

This Joker is a Joke!

Ek Tha Tiger continues to do roaring business. Shirin Farhad is garnering good response within its niche audience. The Son of Sardar due this Diwali has mounted a superb marketing campaign. However, with less than a week to go, Joker surprisingly carries zero buzz. With an A-list cast that is back after a 150-Crore juggernaut, a hot sci-fi premise, a super-title, on-paper, the movie could’ve been the biggest bonanza this session. However, not to be!

Talking about ground realities, the music has been a non-starter. The Chitrangada item number is colder than Poonam Pandey. Akki is nowhere in the promotions and has distanced himself completely.  Signs of either a bad marketing strategy or perhaps a very bad product (that even the producers are not confident about). By all means, I suspect  the latter. Looks like it’s shaped up to be a very shoddy movie!

Thumbs down to the big mouth Shirish Kunder. “Is pe Joke bhi Karna, aur isse Joker bhi samajhna!”

Give the Joker a miss and instead look forward to the Diwali fireworks of Son of Sardar!

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