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Bikes, Babes and Beats – That’s Dhoom for you!

This date, that year. Flashback to 27th August, 2004.
A pepper-mint fresh movie, with a boisterous music score and not really crème-de-la-crème stars opened in India. Simply and aptly titled Dhoom. Coming from the Yashraj stable – the house of big blockbusters – this was an experiment. A quickie-breezy ‘boys’ film with no epic love story at its core. Backed by a peppy soundtrack, the movie opened well. And then the content took over and the movie ended being a major money-spinner!
So much, so that today, 8 years down the line, the zingy-zangy Dhoom Machale still evokes excitement. It was amongst the first movie (in Indian cinema) to have a successful sequel. Its third instalment with Aamir Khan as the antagonist has been amongst the most eagerly awaited movie for the past few years (don’t believe? check YouTube for a plethora of fake promos).
Today, 8 years since Dhoom, it’s kind of interesting to revisit this adrenaline-pumping flick. Those were still the early days of multiplexes. There was more to movies than just opening weekends, carpet bombing, deafening promotions and huge stars. Movies, still ran more on content and overall public acceptance, than just hammer-down marketing, sky-high ticket prices or brain-drain comedy. In those times of 3-hour sagas, the super-taut Dhoom wrapped up in 123 minutes flat and left the gasping audience wanting for more! Dhoom was a trend-setter and game-changer in more ways than one. It took the nation by storm and continues to be the most-prized franchisee.
Hence today, on its 8th anniversary, it’s exciting to revisit the racy adventure that started with the original Dhoom! Here’s re-publishing one of my first movie reviews to celebrate the cult of Dhoom.

Bikes, Babes and Beats – That’s Dhoom for you!
There are a whole lot of movies being churned nowadays that are hardly doing any justice to the reputation of their banners, starcast or directors (Lakshya, Dev, Deewar, Kyun! Ho Gaya Na)….

A few that manage to live up to the expectations (K3G, Main Hoon Na!, Kal Ho Na Ho)
A miniscule few do manage to rise much beyond the expectations (Mujhse Shaadi karogi, Koi Mil Gaya)
And then once in blue moon does comes a movie that not just rises but…….but….simply….EXPLODES!!!!!!! In marketing terms it’s not just about customer satisfaction; it’s also not just about customer delight…….its about customer ECSTACY!!!!!!! 
Any guesses???? Yeah, ye got that right…….its DHOOM time guyz!!!!!! And you better check this one out…..Dhoom Rockkks! 
The beginning and the end numbers itself are a Paisa Vasool in themselves. One of the most stylized movies made in recent times. The excellently choreographed dance sequences, the crisp and taut editing and the split-screen visuals. The USP – Fantabulous bike chasing sequences (Check out for the Abhi-Uday chor bazaar escape, The Uday-John bike racing stuff), the background score, the zingy-zappy sound effects…….Zoooooom!!! 
Dhoom starts off right from the first frame…a lazy Abhi getting seduced by a HOT Rimi…..(It’s the stuff fantasies are made up of!)….and what follows over the next 145 minutes is pure magic. The action never stops, the mood continues to build…and never during the movie do you experience a dull moment…. 
Of the cast:
·         Rimi is a revelation, baby where have you been??? (Methinks you are definitely much more talented than a certain Ms./ Mrs. Sherawat!)

·         Esha….Well try and try till you succeed… there are some who are born with the oomph, and some who keep trying, harder and harder….and harder!!!

·         Great job Uday!!!!! Here’s an earnest actor who certainly has a flair for comedy….a pucca tapori……a perfect foil to a cool n sophisticated Mr. Bachchan!!

·         Bachchan……..ah! Here he comes…..Finally!!!!! Myself, One of the greatest critics of Mr. Abhishek Bachchan…..but sorry you’ve proved me dead wrong. Loc, Yuva and now Dhoom!!! The man has found a rhythm and looks all set for a long innings…. A role which seems tailor-made for him, Abhi is simply Fantastic!!! The cool exchanges with John running right throughout the movie gives the screenplay that extra edge.

·         And finally here comes John…..the man, the looks, the tresses, the physique, the bikes, the aura…. a star is born!!!!! Walking away with one of the most interesting characters in the movie, John personifies the essence of Dhoom. Just check out that wicked smile of his…and you know that there is much more to this guy than Jism.  
Dhoom is definitely one of the best movies screened this year. It’s the sheer energy and vibrancy displayed by the entire cast that takes Dhoom many levels above the ordinary….somewhere straight in the orbit!!!! 
This is Himanshu Manroa reporting from Chanakya Cinema, New Delhi. Dhoom looks all set to create a roaring spell on the Delhites…..Hope same’s the effect in Bombay too… 
Just check out the sensuous number by Tata Young as the credit titles roll by at the end…..She gyrates, she sizzles….as no one in the hall dares to move out…..the film has ended. The sexy Dhoom Machale has stopped blaring from the speakers. But the audience still sits there gasping, asking for more.
Very few movies can cast such an effect.
Very few movies can rise above the expectations…..
Very few movies can be labeled as Cult.
Dhoom manages much more than that!!!

As Dhoom Machale track still lingers on in my mind, there is just one word that can sum up the whole experience of Dhoom -
            Go watch it……..Now!!!!!! 

The super-successful Dhoom was followed up 3 years later in November 2006 by a much bigger money-spinner Dhoom 2. The stellar cast of Dhoom 2 ensured a record-breaking opening and was amongst the first successful sequel in the Indian cinema. Click here to know more about Dhoom 2, the second instalment of this blockbuster franchise.

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